A few weeks prior to landing in San Francisco, I shared a vision with Art Chang that I’ve had in my head for awhile—beautiful soft light, vast skies, transparency—creating an ethereal, dreamlike quality involving a long flowy dress. I knew SF would be the perfect place for this shoot because of its infamous foggy weather. Art immediately got on board and recommended we head to Mount Tamalpais. It was indeed the perfect location.

Day of, we ran around the mountain like little kids chasing the light while avoiding the tall grass that was supposedly full of ticks. It was surprisingly clear so we did not get any fog, but the light was lovely and the mood captured just as I had envisioned. Many thanks to Art for making the golden vision come alive.

This lovely white dress is from Lulus. More details below.

NomadicFare_MountTam_03 NomadicFare_MountTam_06NomadicFare_MountTam_04 NomadicFare_MountTam_05NomadicFare_MountTam_07NomadicFare_MountTam_02 NomadicFare_MountTam_01

Dress details: Lulus.com / Use this link with promo code ‘Freeship10’ for $10 off + free shipping on orders over $100. Happy shopping!