As a world traveler, I hope to live a life that reflects what it means to be a responsible global citizen whether I’m traveling abroad or at home. That’s why I’m always excited to find companies that align with my lifestyle, like MATTER, a socially motivated clothing brand that’s based around storytelling and thoughtful design.

Not only are their pieces perfect for travel, they also support artisans in rural communities around the world and work with designers to reinterpret heritage prints in a modern manner. Plus, the two founders are brilliant women setting the bar for sustainable fashion done well!

Each of their pieces is based around the idea of slow—style, production and design. Instead of following trends, they test out classic styles, then bring back the ones that resonate most with their customers. Similarly, their production methods are tested and improved with every batch. My favorite aspect of their process is the design cycle is 6 months for each product. Since they’re collaborating with local artisans, reinterpreting heritage prints or using ancient weaving and printing techniques, they take longer in order to do it right.

Below are three of my favorite pieces from their collection:

The Classic Wideleg Pants in I Ching SandstoneMy new favorite pants for long plane rides, these Vietnamese ao dai-inspired wide-leg pants are not only really comfortable but they’re also incredibly chic (aka they feel like pajamas but aren’t!). The fire and water motif were derived from I Ching, an old Chinese classic inspired by the elements of nature. The pattern is an interpretation of the balance between fire and water.

Jamdani Scarf in Shunya WhiteUsing an ancient weaving technique called Jamdani perfected by imperial Mughal craftsmen, this scarf passed through close to 30 pairs of hands from yarn to final product in a community in Habibpur, India. It’s amazing how cotton can feel so soft and silky. This unique pattern on the scarf is called Eksa and signifies the primal symbol X, representing cross roads, the unity of opposites or a butterfly–a symbol of metamorphosis and the soul’s journey home.

The Sideswept Dhoti in Chambray Denim
Possibly the most unique waist tie I’ve ever seen, these pants were inspired by Indian dhoti, or traditional attire worn by men. Using only draping, the fabric is wrapped around the waist and legs and knotted at the waist. The design forms a deep side-slinging pocket while tightly wrapping around the waist. I was amazed at how the pants fit without any buttons or fixtures. So chic (and comfy)! Perfect dressed up with wedges or kept casual with flats.

For more styles, visit the MATTER Shop.