Pristine coral, calm waters and fewer crowds make Aqaba the ideal place to go scuba diving. After spending a few weeks around Egypt and Jordan I ended my trip diving and relaxing in the Red Sea. It was the perfect way to decompress after some intense traveling.

When researching dive companies, I found Deep Blue Dive Center in many reviews and discovered them to be one of the larger, more reputable companies in Aqaba. They have a beautiful boat that caters to divers and anyone wanting to spend a day on the water.

Nomadic Fare Diving in Aqaba, Jordan

Why go scuba diving in Aqaba, Jordan?

Aqaba is a beautiful tropical town in the southern part of Jordan, only about a 4 hour drive from Amman. There are close to 25 dive sites to choose from and the area is predominantly known for its many wreck sites including 2 sunken planes, a ship and multiple military tanks. In addition, with fewer crowds, healthy coral and warm water temperatures year-round, it is the ideal place to enjoy world-class diving.

Nomadic Fare Diving in Aqaba, Jordan

Nomadic Fare Diving in Aqaba, Jordan

Scuba Diving with Deep Blue Dive Center

Whenever scuba diving with a new company, I always do a lot of research before choosing who to dive with. I looked at a few companies in Aqaba and decided to go with Deep Blue Dive Center because they are one of the largest PADI Certified Dive centers in Aqaba and have been around since 2008. In addition, they have highly experienced dive masters, offer all levels of PADI courses and have close to 600 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor. While going through the posts, I read many from experienced divers who spoke to the credibility and safety of the company.

From the moment they picked me up at my hotel, I felt taken care of, and this was the case throughout my entire experience. Then arriving on site, I was reassured when I saw their equipment, which was well organized and looked clean and new.

The staff was also very professional and helpful, which is always a good sign. I went diving with Mohammed, Belal and Abdallah, who were all very patient, friendly and knew where to spot all the fish!

Furthermore, the boat was one of the nicest diving boats I’ve been on. In addition to divers, they also cater to snorkelers and groups looking for a day out at sea. The staff are really friendly and just want everyone to have fun and stay safe. Also, the BBQ lunch is really tasty and perfect after a morning of diving.

Nomadic Fare Diving in Aqaba, JordanNomadic Fare Diving in Aqaba, JordanNomadic Fare Diving in Aqaba, Jordan

Best Diving Spots in Aqaba, Jordan

Nomadic Fare Diving in Aqaba, Jordan

There are a wide variety of diving sites to choose from in Aqaba. Almost all are located in the boundaries of the Marine Park. From sunken planes and tanks to a steep wall dive to colorful beds of coral, there is something for everyone. Don’t miss these top sites to go scuba diving in Aqaba.

Cedar Pride Wreck: This is possibly the most popular site in Aqaba. It is an 80 meter long cargo ship that was sunk in 1985 by the King’s request to make an artificial reef. It is an easy site to reach, with a great variety of coral.

Japanese Garden: Also a popular site for divers and snorkelers, this site is near Cedar Pride Wreck. It hosts a good variety of colorful coral in a shallow area and is known for turtle spottings.

The Tank and Seven Sisters: This was my favorite area to dive in. Besides seeing an old SourceAmerican military tank only 5 meters below sea level, just around the corner are a Sourcecollection of huge coral formations called the Seven Sisters. Each one was covered with colorful schools of fish and offered a variety of marine animals.

Rainbow Reef: A popular spot for night diving, this coral bed starts at 6m and flattens out at 30m. It’s in the shape of a rainbow, hence the name!

Power Station: This wall dive is about three miles south of Aqaba and is accessible only by boat. The reef slopes 20m down and then drops off a further 200m. We obviously didn’t go that deep, but the entire wall is full of rich coral, morays and if you’re lucky, a rare shark!

Nomadic Fare Diving in Aqaba

How to get there

There are numerous ways to arrive in Aqaba depending on timing and cost. By car, it is about a 4-hour drive from Amman on the Desert Highway. The are also private taxis and buses from Amman and Petra. There is no Uber or Lyft service in Aqaba. 

If flying via plane, King Hussein International Airport is 9km north of Aqaba or about a 20-minute drive. Check with your hotel or diving center for local transport. Various domestic and international carriers fly into Aqaba. Royal Jordanian (1 hour flight Amman, 2x daily), Easyjet (London, Berlin), Ryanair (Cologne, Athens and Sofia) and Turkish Airlines (Istanbul).

Nomadic Fare Diving in Aqaba, Jordan

Thank you to Deep Blue Dive Center for hosting me on your incredible boat and showing me some of the coolest diving spots. As always, all opinions and photos are my own.