This post was written in collaboration with Canon USA. I’ve been using their products for over a decade and highly recommend their gear including the Canon EOS R. As always, I would never promote anything I wouldn’t use myself and hope you find these travel pose ideas helpful!

When I first started Nomadic Fare, I didn’t expect to be in most of my photos or have so many travel pose ideas. I liked the personal touch it gave to my storytelling, but posing and self portraiture were pretty new to me. Over the years, I perfected the craft to where it’s second nature now and it’s fun coming up with new travel poses.

Along my journey, I’ve always used Canon gear and I found a camera setup that’s ideal for travel portraits, when you’re having to work with different scenes all the time. The EOS R and RF24-105mm F4 L IS USM lens is both lightweight and versatile. I appreciate having to carry only one lens that works great in a variety of scenarios!

Canon EOS R

A few features of the Canon EOS R:

• Canon RF Lens Mount: This new lens mount was created to support Canon’s line of RF-mount lenses, which allows for lenses that are both faster and smaller than their SLR equivalents.

• Image Quality: 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor offers 30.3 megapixels and is powered by a DIGIC 8 Image Processor. This means brilliant colors, high-resolution output, and low-light performance in a compact setup.

• Auto-Focus: As the world’s fastest autofocus with 5,655 manually selectable AF points, this means it focuses quickly and accurately so you never miss a great shot.

Low-Light: Maximum ISO of 40000, so you can capture photos in low light with minimal chance of blur.

Video: 4K video recording capabilities.


Full review of the Canon EOS R and RF24-105mm F4 L IS USM lens


Here are a few of my go-to travel poses captured in the French Riviera.

1. Look up, hand on hat

This is a natural and easy pose that works well in a variety of spots. It’s best to look towards the light so your face is lit. If you don’t have a hat, you can pretend to tuck your hair behind your ear. It’s all about creating movement and angles so make sure to put more weight on one leg and pretend like you’re walking towards the camera. 

2. Sit down, hand on chin

Great for cute stoops, stairs and chairs, this pose really highlights the environment. It makes you smaller so you’re more part of the location, rather than the main focus. 

Wendy Hu and Canon in Nice, France

3. Overlook a railing

I like this pose because it looks like I just spotted something or someone and am about to say hi. Again, it highlights the environment with me as a participant. 

Wendy Hu and Canon in Nice, France

4. Walk away, look forward

This is a classic travel pose! An easy way to create movement is to stand in place and walk back and forth in your selected spot. Bonus tip: Pay attention to your outfit choices. I purposely wore a white dress so it would complement whatever scene I was in and this hat/dress combo really worked out!

Wendy Hu and Canon in Nice, France

5. Cross legs, look to side

I adore finding facades while I’m traveling, especially when they look like this! In order to highlight the background, I chose this relaxed pose, like I’m just casually hanging out in front of this cool wall! Also great for murals. Wendy Hu and Canon in Nice, France

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Nomadic Fare in Nice, France
















Nomadic Fare in Nice, France

















Hope you find these travel pose ideas useful! Thank you to Canon USA for supporting my photography journey. As always, all opinions and photos are my own.