Left the comfortable life to travel the world.

For the past ten years I had the privilege of working in some of the best design firms around New York City as a designer and art director. On the side, I was constantly traveling and taking photos. I loved my life, community and career but knew I needed to pursue my dream of seeing the world.

Wanderlust was always a huge part of my identity. Being born in Taiwan but growing up in America gave me an immense appreciation for culture and exploration early on. As a teenager, my mom would send me to a different summer camp every year around the country and also one in Taipei (what was she thinking!) Studying abroad in London included exploring most of Western Europe, and while working I was blessed with projects in Africa, Central America and Europe. Looking back at these experiences, I shouldn’t be surprised I ended up here.

It was a difficult decision to leave my comfortable life behind but I knew I had to explore this dream. Here are some things I learned while figuring out how to do it.

Thankfully, the future of work is changing and I’m in a profession that allows me to work from anywhere. Soon the digital nomad will be the norm, and we’ll all be in Bali working by the beach with a coconut in hand!

Join me as I travel the world capturing beautiful stories for hospitality brands, tourism boards, lifestyle brands and non-profit organizations. My hope is to inspire you to pursue your travel dreams, as well as practical ways on how to make it happen.

Cheers to good health, embracing cultures and happy traveling!

Thanks for reading,

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